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Romani girl from Kosovo goes to India to discover her roots

Romani woman from Kosovo goes to The Punjab region of Northwest India to have her DNA tested and discover the land of her forefathers. 

The Romani language is of a Rajasthani / Punjabi origin.
It is believed the Romani left India in approximately 1026 a.d due to invasion of Islam into the lands. Believed to be of Indian military status, the Romani made a quick journey into what is now Turkey where they lived alongside Greek speaking Byzantines and Armenians. They lived in what is now Turkey for nearly 300 years before a series of Earthquakes weakened the lands and this land also fell threat to Islamic invasion, the Romani left for Europe and arrived in around 1300 a.d where they settled into the Balkan Regions of Greece and Albania. From here the Romani have spread the length of Europe and onto European colonies where they have survived as a people related through blood, culture and language. Recent testing of Romani DNA has also supported and confirmed their Indian ancestry. 

Romani word such as Purano (ancient / elder), Sap (snake), Kher (house) are all still spoken in India today as the young lady discovers.
In the video the man mentions the word “Lohar” which is the Indian word for metal. This word survives in Romani as “Lovva” and means money.

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